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New Pit GatorPit Captivator

Our new 2012 Gator Pit Pictures Here


Our old sweet cooking "Tuned" Captivator

UPDATE December 5th 2011
After using the Gator Renegade for the commercial class at the Gator pit factory.  Konrad and Ritch got to talking about a new improved pit for Konrad.  The heart of the new pit will still be a 24"x60" main chamber just like the current Captivator pictured.


  • Longer Trailer

  • Single 56" counterweight door

  • Vertical cooking chamber with 8 instead of the usual 4 shelves

  • Square fire box of 1/2" steel

  • Full length shelf from front of vertical to rear of the firebox

  • Propane Burner Plate and Propane assist on the firebox

  • 24"x24" Open Fajita (Santa Maria) Grill with pulley cooking grate

  • 6,000# Axle, 6 bolt wheels and electric brakes

  • Like the captivator full length tuning plate system

  • Lots of storage tie-downs for Yeti coolers and Generator

  • LED lights

(Pictured Captivator Pit)  Ritch Robin of GatorPit was kind enough to allow me free use of this pit to teach classes.  Well that was like a drug dealer with free samples.  After cooking on this pit I sold my Lang and bought the pit Ritch had been letting me use.  The story repeats itself.  Molly Fowler the Dining Diva helped deliver a corporate event using my GatorPit Captivator.  Two days later she showed up at Ritch's door to start the ball rolling on her new Gatorpit.  Students who flew all the way in from Indonesia to take a class at the Arbor Gate liked them so much they ordered two Gattor pits shipped to Indonesia.  That's only in the last month.  This is a little Thank You video I made for Ritch letting me use the pit for free, until I handed over my hard earned cash. This pit has some history being Ritch's personal pit until it was put in service as the factory rental pit. Now back in the rental fleet as my new pit is built.

This model is the Captivator with a 24"x60" main chamber and 24"x24" round firebox that is plenty big enough.  The doors don't billow out smoke unlike some other big name pits.  There is plenty of storage space on the trailer which is very well built including a nice spare tire carrier. November 2011 pricing is $5,450 for the deluxe and $4,450 for the economy model. This pit has the tuning plate and stainless steel shelf options.  This is not reverse flow rather a true classic Texas pit with "Tuning Plates."

The first picture above shows one of the four pullout shelves with Butts, Brisket and trimmings for the bean pot.  The second picture shows Lots of ribs and a few bits of chicken.  The third picture shows the Pitmaster Teddy Bear mod which is to move the handles outboard making the shelf more useable. 



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Old Pit the Lang is $old

Our two Lang BBQ smokers on one trailer cooked very well and served us well in competition. The firebox on the 48 is too small. You need custom short logs or carry a chainsaw. The trailer had serious issues. The jack they use sits too low so everyone I know who has one, the jack is bent from going over speed bums and steep ramps. My friends and I have all had wiring problems. The axles on the wide body may have had the weight rating but there was so little travel on the springs that the beating from bottoming out bent the axle. This happened to both Jonathan and I.


Old, Old Smoker

This is our old reverse flow smoker.  Designed by Konrad and built by his ex brother in law.  It won Grand Champion at 2003 Montana and Nebraska State championships and reserve grand at the 2003 Nevada state championship.  There was one problem with this fine pit it weighed 7,600#, but it only had two 3500# Axles. Our $old Lang pit above was also a reverse flow.  We now cook with tuning plates in a classic Texas smoker by GatorPit.

Monster Charcoal Basket & Burner


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